A Perfect Day in Sedona (Arizona Travel Photography)

Most photographers will confirm two things that plague us: 1) we rarely take photos of our own families’ activities with our good gear, and 2) on the rare occasion that we do, we tend to let the post-processing pile up. I am no exception!

In January, my little family spent a perfect day hiking and picnicking in Red Rocks State Park in West Sedona. We also visited the Chapel on the Hill, where an open chapel is perched on a well-known vista.

My dad (Opa), also joined us. He is the one that instilled in me a love of hiking as a child, and he still lives in Phoenix along with most of my extended family.

These images don’t really need any explanation. Just feast your eyes on this magical place that never, ever gets old, no matter how many times I’ve been there.

Above: ¬†“Cotton” fallen from the region’s ubiquitous cottonwood trees.

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